Low and High speed Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics

Low speed aerodynamics (low Reynolds number) is increasingly important for the development of
sustainable green air transportation. Laminar flow over the complete configuration and the whole speed envelope is vital.
Aerodynamic tailoring, laminar airfoil research and configuration development
are our business. We are using low speed aircraft like the Grob G109, Cessna 210 and for higher Renolds number, the Sabreliner 60. The Sabreliner 60 was the first bizjet with a supercritical airfoil for pushing the critical Mach number up to 0.86
Modern development of aircrafts, is heavily integrated with numerical methods and CFD but validation with flight testing is still important.

Aerodynamics and flight testing with our Sabreliner 60 testbed

Skyraider operated a BO105 for several years in sweden and abroad. A versatile platform due to it's robustness and it was also used for helicopter flightmechanics testing.

A Cessna 205 is currently being transformed into a research platform for elctric propulsion.
The electric energy is coming from a 200 Kw fuel cell fueld by methanol transformed into hydrogen on demand. No compressed  hydrogen is needed.

Our Grob 109A is planned to be used in laminar airfoil testing for developing ultra low drag airfoils.